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Normcreative Settings & RSI - Who are we?

NormCreative SETTINGS is an independent non-profit organization from Sweden. We translate theories concerning human rights, the environment, gender equality, anti-racism and LGBTQ+ issues into action and creative practice. We are a platform for norm-creative change. We write books, we educate, we lead change processes, we create tools for individuals, groups, communities and movements to contribute to real structural change. We focus on social movements, non-profit organizations, environmental and cultural actors but also engage with companies and municipalities - basically anyone interested in methods to create more democracy and human rights.

NormCreative SETTINGS are the authors of the concept of norm-creative, and the book of the same name. It is based on the assumption that a norm-critical analysis is useful for exposing norms and privilege which we seek to challenge. Norm-creativity is a playful, compassionate and visionary approach and method for exploring and developing what we would want instead. Our app “Micro Action Movement” is an example of this norm-creative approach.

Norm Creative SETTINGS is launching the american version of the app M.A.M, in collaboration with The Resistance Studies Initiative (RSI) at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

RSI encourages dialogue between academics and activists, merging the social science developed by engaged academics with the practical knowledge of experienced changemakers. Together with community and social justice groups across the US, the RSI will contribute with extensive academic knowledge in this field, networks among US-based movements, as well as experience of collaborations across a variety of social change groups.